Underground Recap: Season 2, Epi 8. Auld Acquaintance

**********SPOILERS ALL UP IN THIS POST**********

I have been binge watching Underground for the past few weeks and I am finally all caught up. Last night’s episode (Auld Acquaintance) was the first one that my husband and I watched on the night that it aired. So now I feel a little more comfortable recapping with y’all:

Can we talk about Rosalee and her little brother James?

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I can spend forever talking about all the brainwashing that happened to James, but I’m going to try to take it easy. Let’s answer these questions. Why did that baby call Suzanna (the Mistress of the plantation) mom? Why were the other slaves calling James master? Suzanna is on some next level manipulation…smh. James is so brainwashed that he actually thinks that Suzanna and T.R are his “new family.” I mean…technically T.R. Macon is his older brother, but James believes that they care about him more than his mother and sister.

Now, from a kid’s point of view his whole family abandoned him…he thinks that Sam took a job away from the plantation, Rosalee ran away, and who knows what lies Suzanna told him about his mother. He actually stood there next to his Christmas pony and told Noah that he didn’t want to run. Prime example of a slave not realizing that he’s actually still a slave. And yes…I let out a chuckle when Rosalee knocked James over the head with that silver tray. He’s gonna be mad when he wakes up.



What the heck is his deal? Every time I start thinking that maybe he’s not so bad…maybe he’s just misunderstood…he does something insanely horrible. You have to be a special kind of terrible to trade your own girlfriend into slavery (I guess at that point in their relationship she wasn’t really his girlfriend anymore…but he sure threw her behind away like she meant nothing). My husband is convinced that Cato has something up his sleeve…that he has some kind of plan B. He better…or there’s absolutely no redeeming himself after leading Patty Cannon’s old nasty behind to the safe house in the North.

Ms. Ernestine and Pullman

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For the whole first season, Sam was my all time favorite character. He was so sweet and innocent throughout the story. I just wanted to protect him. And I just knew that he would make it out of slavery in one piece. But Master Tom old raggedy ass thought otherwise and hung Sam during a damn speech and fireworks in front of a live audience. Yo…that hurt…smh.

Underground, Season 1, Episode 101

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Now this is when Ms. Ernestine becomes my favorite character. She hung Master Tom (he thought he was about to get some…little did he know) and then Suzanna sold her to a plantation on the Gullah Island where she was forced to do hard labor. Her past haunted her to the point of suicide, but she wasn’t successful in her attempt.

Ernestine was dealing with some intense issues while enslaved  on that island. Drug abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, depression, the list goes on. If my calculations are correct, Ms. Ernestine couldn’t be more that 34-35 years old (a little older than me), but that woman has seen so much pain in her short life. And just when things were about to escalate to level 10 crazy…she dipped out real quick (we can talk about Clara another time…she needs her very own post).

But then she runs into Pullman, the slave catcher. That man is bonafide crazy. He really stabbed his partner in the neck like homeboy was a zombie.

Image result for Underground pullman

Ms. Ernestine is not a fool, but I think that Pullman is trying to convince her that he’s on her side (like he did that poor lady in his very first scene on the show…sold that woman straight back into slavery). Yeah, they sat by the fireside sharing liquor and sob stories about their past…but Ernestine still ran up outta there the first chance she got. Pullman’s partner fought Ernestine like she was a grown man, so Pullman  “defended” her by sliding his blade into the side of dude’s neck. Maybe Pullman has some kind of weird lust for Ernestine (I’m referring to that hallucination scene from season 1), maybe he was trying to trick her, or maybe he just didn’t want to share whatever reward he was going to get at the end of his mission. We’ll see.

Noah was not there for games with Overseer Bill

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Noah thoroughly thrashed that overseer. I kinda wanted him to let Bill feel that whip though…


Image result for underground georgia and elizabeth

I know y’all saw how Georgia and Elizabeth were minding their own business having a conversation, then ol’ girl walked up all rude…completely dismissing Georgia like she wasn’t even there. Yeah…that’s all too familiar.

Image result for underground georgia and elizabeth

Elizabeth right before the snakes

I could keep going…but I’mma stop here.  I know I missed some things, but let’s discuss: Who’s your favorite character? What do you think is next for Rosalee and Noah? What’s Suzanna going to do now that the plantation is on fire? Is Cato raggedy ass really leading Patty Cannon to Harriet Tubman? What’s going on with Daniel?

Let me know what you think.


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  1. Bloop says:

    I HEAR YOU! Cato’s little raggedy behind is pissing me off, like to a whole different level. I’m hoping he has something up his sleeve, but he just seems to evil. What does he want?!? He had freedom, and then he lured them all back to him. He had money. He had a woman. What else does he want?!? I’m loving Erinistene, she is so strong. I hope nothing bad happens to her. Clara is cray cray.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For real…I would really like to know Cato’s overall goal.
    And there’s too much to say about Clara for it to have fit in this recap. I feel like she had good reasons to be angry, but she took revenge to a whole new level. She’s mad at everybody…and she somehow convinced herself that she could become mistress of that plantation…smh


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