Jordan Edwards

Rest in Peace Jordan Edwards.

I want to send prayers out to his family. There are no words to fully express my emotions right now. I just couldn’t end this night without saying that you have reason to be mad…this is a justified reason to be angry. Do not let anyone try to make you believe otherwise.

I almost didn’t write this post because I have no next steps…no quick solutions. That vulnerability is almost paralyzing. But people need to know that it’s not okay to behave as if what happened to Jordan is something that they can simply scroll pass.

The fact that a trained officer of the law shot a rifle into a car full of teenagers is absolutely disgusting. The fact that the officers involved then LIED about the events leading up to Jordan’s murder is pure evil and truly scary. He was only 15 years old…

Look up his name, read his story…

Sending extra love to his mother.IMG_8634

NOTE: Jordan’s picture was saved in my phone to use for this post. When I went back to look for it, I scrolled right past it. Because for a split second…I saw my own son in his eyes…

America needs to get her shit together quick!

I surely do not believe firing the officer who took the shot is enough. What are your thoughts? Click the link for more information:



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  1. Our broken hearts for this young man and his family could never be enough! The officer involved committed a crime! He is not worthy of any title other than
    ” murderer “! If anyone else walked up to a car with a rifle and shot this young man, isn’t that what the consideration would be? America it’s time we truly wake up and take a stance! It’s so unfair that mothers and African American boys/men/sons have to live in constant fear of acts such as this! An arrest and conviction should be swift! Time to send a message to these “uniformed murders “. Who take an oath to protect and serve but instead offer false sense of security to us all! Arrest, charge and strongly convict him now! Show the world that this will no longer be tolerated!


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