Two Strand Twist Tips


Two strand twists are by far my favorite protective style for myself as well as my daughters. Although they are a bit time consuming while styling, the end result greatly out-weighs any arm-ache you will experience…lol. Versatile and long lasting, two strand twists will give you weeks of time off if/when you grow tired of styling your puffy hair (which happens to me often).

The following are tips and tricks for two strand twists that I’ve learned over the past 5 years of being natural:


Wet vs. Dry

The question I get asked most often, “Do you twist on wet or dry hair?” My answer is always, “It depends,” because twisting your hair will give you two completely different outcomes when done either way. Picking wet vs dry really depends on what you are trying to achieve with your style:

  • Twisting on wet hair will give you extra juicy-plump twists. I believe that twisting on wet hair will keep your coils moisturized much longer. You will not have to refresh your hair as much.
  • Twisting on dry hair will give you longer/stretched twists. You will have less shrinkage, but the down side is that you will also have a little less shine.



What products do you use for your twists?


For my most recent twists I used Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Line: the leave-in conditioner, twisting cream, and styling gel. In my opinion, the brand that you use is not that important; you just need to make sure that your hair is moisturized before starting your twists. For more information about moisturizing puffy hair click this link:


How do you start a twist?

  • DETANGLE FIRST! Thoroughly detangled hair is a major key to perfect twists. It will make the twisting process so much easier. Not to mention that there’s nothing worse than trying to take out a two week old protective style that’s full of knots.
  • Moisturize each twist using the LCO method: leave-in, cream, oil.
  • Braid First: I always braid the first inch of each section then turn the braid into a twist.  This will keep each section tight and ensure that twists do not unravel from the root.
  • I part my entire head of hair evenly only when I have the time. If I’m in a rush, only the perimeter of my hair (the sections that you can see) will have neat parts. The middle of my hair has more of a “grab and go” type of sectioning. I just make sure that each section that I “grab and go” has about the same amount of hair.
  • Once I finish a twist I take some gel (1/2 a dime-size) and twirl the ends together. This step will ensure that the twist does not unravel from the ends. This final step also makes the twists look so nice.



Sleeping with Twists

I sleep on a satin pillowcase. My hair is usually in the above style while sleeping.


Protective Style X’s 2

During the first week I usually wear my hair in the half up-half down style pictured above. Trying any other style during the first week will risk deforming the shape of your twists. Protective Styles x’s 2 start in week 2:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Two Strand Twists for Kids

As mentioned above, this style is perfect for little girls. My daughters love wearing two strand twists, especially when we wear them at the same time. This style is also perfect for teaching your little one to love and care for this hair (while it’s protected…minimizing the risk of self-inflicted breakage). We add hair jewelry to jazz it up also.


Have you tried two strand twist?

What challenges have you come across while trying this style?

The Shelton girls love it!

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  1. Than says:

    I’ve tried two strands twists in the past on dry and damp hair but both times my twists seemed thin, not nice plump twists like yours even though my hair is pretty thick 😭 I’m willing to try them one more time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It took many many tries before I got my twists to look the way I wanted, so I know how you feel ☺️ You’ll get it ☺️


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