The Handmaid’s Tale: Season Finale Recap

✨This post will be full of spoilers ✨

So, last night I watched the season 2 finale of Hulu’s Original Series The Handmaid’s Tale and my heart was racing pretty much the entire time. Here’s a brief recap of the last episode (Episode 13):

  • Pretty much everybody (except Commander Fred Waterford) was still in shock over the death of Eden, Nick’s teenage bride. Eden’s execution was the motivation for many of the main characters’ actions throughout the episode. 20B642FE-3823-4E02-A87F-E6E461BF2040
  • June/Offred found a Bible with handwritten notes in the margins while she was packing up Eden’s things. This is extra scandalous seeing as how it’s illegal for women to read. But it shows that Eden was desperately trying to understand God, which had to be difficult for a teenage girl living in Gilead.
  • We realize that Eden’s own father is the one who turned her into the authorities when she ran off with the guard she fell in love with. I was surprised to find out that she just ran back home and not towards Canada like everybody else (this just goes to show that she thought she would be safe with her family, but was completely wrong). This bit of information seems to be one of the things that served as the push Serena needed to speak up to Commander Waterford. C7567F12-A9BA-4F49-8ECC-011C497B9EB4.jpeg
  • June and Serena developed a bond through little baby Holly/Nicole and they were determined to protect her.6E79B2F7-B51C-4A19-9D30-DA9E314CB82B
  • Nick finally held his own baby…then June told him that she loves him (but what about your husband June?).The Word
  • Serena led a group of “Wives” to meet the panel of  Commanders where they asked for permission to teach young girls how to read the Bible. Then she started reading from the Bible in front of all of the commanders (yikes!!!). 103D8127-04AD-4FCB-B5A7-F3AA897FA88F
  • Fred Waterford stood by while Serena’s pinky finger was chopped off as a punishment for reading. 3C20131C-893E-4363-81C0-BC7D0A96E400
  • Then it really got crazy when the Marthas banded together to help June and the baby escape.

    Photo by @amandabrugel on Instragram
  • Wait! I almost forgot about Emily! So the house that she’s staying in is not the typical Gilead home. The Commander at this home did not force himself on her…then he lied to Aunt Lydia about it. Emily stabbed Aunt Lydia in the back, pushed her down the stairs, then continued to kick her ass at the bottom of the steps. The Commander helped her escape.D308BE9E-50BE-4454-B55D-FFFACB5C773D
  • So, Rita and her gang of bad-ass Marthas led June and her baby to a getaway truck (which is the part of the episode where my heart was about to beat out of my chest from all of the suspense)…that’s only after Serena caught June trying to escape with the baby…but let her leave! The scene where she says good-bye to the baby is so sad because we know how badly she wanted a baby…this scene shows how much she truly loves little baby Holly/Nicole. 3901DAAA-898E-439A-B76A-870FF78D142C
  • When the get-away truck pulls up, June hands her baby to Emily and closed the truck door. She didn’t get in the truck to escape Gilead…she handed her baby off to Emily, (who just viciously beat Aunt Lydia nearly to death)…did I mention that she didn’t get into the truck (side-eyeing June). But I get it, she can’t leave her first daughter Hannah in Gilead…this was the same thing she struggled with at the end of  Season 1. 9A54B60B-D5A1-4853-9D7C-E89FC3AF83D7

Hold on a minute! I didn’t mention how Commander Waterford smacked June across the face…then she turned around and smack him back. She told him off and called him by his first name on a number of occasions throughout the episode, but it seemed to me like it only turned him on more (pervert). And to think, I was convinced Commander Waterford was a good guy in Season 1. I really thought he was going to help June out, but it’s very clear that he will only help June when it directly benefits himself. He’s letting his position of power go to his head. The scene with June and Fred (Commander Waterford) in the kitchen together made me so uncomfortable.


And Nick…he finally grew some balls.

The End.


Did I miss anything? 

Tell me what you think of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Finale.

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